About us

We, Ralf (66) and Marga (59) are flying together since 1976. In 2010, after more than 30 years of marriage we’re looking back to a happy life of flying.

Ralf worked for a large insurance company and myself, Marga, for Siemens. The early retirement offers plenty of time for flying.

Before ordering our Partenavia in 2002 we flew different types of single engine aircrafts all over Europe and knocked about the districts. Only for long distance flights to other continents we used commercial airlines.

At the Aero Club Nuremberg (member since 1972) it’s still talk of the town that Marga with an extreme thick belly squeezed herself into a C 152 seven days before given birth to the twin daughters. As soon as our children were able to sit we took them in a Piper to show them the beautiful world. Of course, we had special children’s safety seats and the girls were accompanied by their teddies.

Nowadays Angela and Nathalie are independent grown-up daughters. Without their great loving support we couldn’t manage our long tours.

In 2002 we sold our house and land for which we worked hard, drove to Naples/Italy for negotiations with Vulcanair. All was discussed in detail with Remo De Feo, the boss of the company, i.e. electronic equipment, colour, a lot of goodies etc. The prefabricated embryo was caressed by us but a lot of patience was required until it got grown-up.

In May 2003, the dream we longed-for got fulfilled. With the IFR-Rating in Ralf’s pocket for the P68 we flew with our brand new own aircraft D-GHAN after “cleared for take-off” from Naples Tower. After 6 hours we landed in Nueremberg. For both of us started a new phase of life. The P68C was baptized with champagne on the name “Geier-Flyer”. In the meantime, till spring 2007, we flew 750 hours and are looking back to many adventures.

If Europe, Africa, Asia or the American Continent, we were always several months on tour. Where ever possible we rented cars to get in direct touch with people and nature.

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Ralf & Marga Hannemann, 2011