Harl.e.kin-Project 2011


In the county of Franconia and further on we are fairly well-known through press, radio, TV and the publishing of an own book. We are known as “The Flying Vagabonds”. Even we are longing for the wide world the homeland keeps in our hearts.
With our second flight around the world we want to be connected with Franconia for a longer time. Therefore, we will dedicate our second tour around the world to a local project and kindly ask the population for your donations. Through our twin-daughters Angela and Nathalie who are working as nurses at the hospital in Bamberg and the hospital management our attention was drawn to the regional Harl.e.kin aftertreatment project for premature infants and their parents. We want to support families in the neighborhood and the surrounding of Bamberg. The patron of this project is Mrs. Melanie Huml, Member of the State Parliament and State Secretary in the State Ministry of the Environment and Public Health.
You will find out in the greeting words of Mrs. Huml [42 KB] with the mentioned bank account that all your donations will get directly to Harl.e.kin’s account.

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M.A.F-Project 2011
Ralf & Marga Hannemann, 2011