M.A.F-Project 2011

MAF - Mission Aviation Fellowship, Germany

According to always repeating flights to all continents of the world with our own aircraft we met people of different skin colors, religions and of all ages. We experienced them in different life-styles as individuals. So, we saw, heard and spoke with them about their life-conditions, experiences and the future. Thereby we felt their sorrows and fear. There are more misery, distress and political disposal somebody can imagine.
Without the support of MAF we often would not be able to reach our destinations and so many experiences would be missed.
We want to draw our attention to this grievance worldwide during our second flight around the world and we kindly ask you to support MAF with appropriate donations.
MAF-Germany will celebrate in 2011 its 20. Anniversary and we are proud to help.
You will find out in the greeting words of MAF [406 KB] with the mentioned bank account that all your donations will get directly to MAF’s account.

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Harl.e.kin-Project 2011
Ralf & Marga Hannemann, 2011