Our Aircraft

The technical details and the equipment of a P68C you’ll find under www.vulcanair.com.

Additionally on board of D-GHAN are:

- long range tanks – 670 l of AVGAS for flying, i.e. in FL 120 and 135 kts an
endurance of 9 ¼ hours
- pneumatic de-icing (boots) and electrical de-icing for the props
- Garmin 530/430/330
- GPS Skyforce for VFR
- Radar Altimeter
- Weather Radar
- Stormscope
- King Autopilot
- King HF 150, fixed installed
- EPIRB ELT Satellite 406 with aircraft registration
- Satellite Telephone
- Life Raft, Life Vests, Survival Cask
- Tools, Spade, Hatchet, Fishing Pole, Large Box of Medicines

Also very often on board:

- tent, sleeping mats, sleeping bags, blankets, table, 2 chairs, fuel cooker, fuel lamp

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Ralf & Marga Hannemann, 2011